How do I view my Transcendent camera system remotely on a computer?


There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Enable NAT in the network settings of your recorder and then get the QR Code serial number from the Information screen. Go to autonat.com and input the QR Codes serial number and login information. This should be done through Internet Explorer running as an Administrator.
  2. For static IP addresses from your ISP: Port forward the HTTP & Server port. Go to yougetsignal.com and “Port Forwarding Tester” to check if the ports are opened. Open up IE as an administrator and type in the external IP address and log in.
  3. For Dynamic IP addresses from your ISP: We’ll use vitekivpddns.com as an example

Open IE and navigate to www.vitekivpddns.com and create an account. After account is created go to the DDNS settings in your recorder, in the DDNS Type select “vitekivpddns.com” In the Domain Name, type in desired name to use i.e. “123main.vitekivpddns.com” User name is the user name that you used to create the account at www.vitekivpddns.com and Password is the password you created at www.vitekivpddns.com

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