Mobile Phone Apps for Vitek Products

Download Free Mobile Apps to Watch Your VITEK Security Cameras Anytime on Your iPhone or Android

No matter your choice of iPhone (iTunes) or Android (Google Play) smart phone, Vitek is the right choice for business security cameras you can watch from your phone.    


See all VITEK Mobile Apps to Watch VITEK Security Cameras on your Android phone.



  • – View multiple Transcendent Series DVRs, NVRs, and IP Cameras simultaneously
  • – Live Viewing
  • – PTZ Control
  • – Search
  • – Playback of recorded video
  • – Live Audio
  • – Remote DVR setup
  • – Screen capture (snapshot)
  • – Log view – Alarm, Record, Motion and etc.
  • – Zoom (pinch zoom LIVE and PLAYBACK)
  • – Adjustable quality level
  • – Devices can also be added by MAC address, or using the built-in QR Code scanner



1) Install the VITEK Transcendent Viewer App.

2) Once installed, open the VITEK Transcendent Viewer App and “click drop arrow under Device to” enter the following information:

  • Transcendent DVR Demo:
  • IP Address:
  • Account: demo
  • Password: 1234

Press Login to connect.



Additionally, you can also add the following NVR demo, if you would like to view both demos individually or simultaneously.

  • Transcendent NVR Demo:
  • External:
  • Account: demo
  • Password: 1234


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