VITEK Product Technical FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about VITEK products and service.

Where can I find more info about the Transcendent Mobile App for Android/iOS?

The Transcendent Mobile App Guide can be downloaded here: Transcendent: Mobile App Guide (Android/iOS)

How do I create specific camera groups with Vitek’s area configuration?

Follow this VIDEO LINK  for instructions on how to drag and drop an entire site(s) into your VMS / Monitor multiple locations in one group.

What should I do if have more questions?

VITEK Tech support is available 7:00am to 8:00pm PST, Monday~Friday, Excluding major U.S. holidays.
Phone: (888) 848-3570 / (661) 294-8043
Web: Contact VITEK Tech Support

I can’t connect to my Recorder from the Network / LAN!
  1. Make sure you are using the proper CAT5 cable and connectors (RJ45) (see manual for proper color combination of the cable).
  2. Check the Network (IP) setting of the Make sure you have consistency with your network IP address range.
  3. Make sure the IP address you are using is not also assigned to another unit (PC) or you might have an IP conflict. * Remember that the IP address must be different on all machines but the subnet mask and the gateway must always be the
How Do I Set-up the DVR / NVR to achieve longer recording storage?

Make sure the DVR / NVR is set to record on motion.

  1. You may also change the picture quality or resolution to be lower than the default.
  2. The frame rate of each camera may also be adjusted (depending on the DVR / NVR) from the default setting to a step lower rate
Can DVRs / NVR’s be upgraded for longer recording storage time?

Yes, most DVRs will accept additional HDDs and can be upgraded to a higher capacity. Check with your VITEK Specialist to determine the maximum limit for your DVR / NVR.

Why does my DVR/NVR play really fast during playback on my phone app?

Older firmware is on the recorder, please update Firmware.

How far can I run a cat 5 wire for my IP camera?

IP cameras can be up to 328’ (100 meters) from a switch or the recorder, any farther than that you will need an extender (VT-P2EX) or another switch.

Why are my cameras all white at night?

If your cameras have IR lights there might be a reflection from part of the structure that the cameras is mounted too or in its field of view, aim the camera away from reflective surfaces.

Should I use twist-on BNC’s?

While twist-on BNC’s are quick and easy to use since there is no special tool needed you should always use either crimp-on or compression BNC’s, Twist-on BNC’s will loosen over time and cause image problems.

Why do my cameras shut off at night?

Cameras with IR lights require more power at night, check power supply and make sure the camera is getting enough power.

I am not able to find some Vitek apps on my i-pad?

An iPad by default only display apps that are written for iPad only, Please set your iPad to search for iPhone apps.

Using Internet Explorer only able to view single camera and no playback when connecting to SPIRE series recorder

After connection to the recorder using IE go to the upper right hand corner and locate the sprocket/gear and left click on it, a dropdown menu will open then select Compatibility View Settings. After settings box opens click on “Add” to add the webpage, and then click Close. Webpage will refresh and will ask to run add on, click OK.

How to turn off notifications in the Transcendent APP?

Open app and in the upper left hand corner there are 3 lines, tap on the lines to open another page of the app. Select Push Settings and turn off selected device.

Why does my DVR/NVR only work when I am connected to my wifi with my app?

Most likely you are connecting to your recorder using a local IP address, such as 129.168.x.x or 10.x.x.xThese IP address only work when you are within the facility where the recorder is located. To access the recorder when away from the facility use the external IP address or DDNS name.

I’ve upgraded iOS iPhone and now I cannot view my cameras with EH Viewer app. How can I view them again?

Upgrade to the Spire DVR Viewer and input the network information from you recorder into the app. You will need the IP or DDNS address the port numbers, User name and password for you recorder

I get “quit unexpectedly” when I try to open the Transcendent VMS software on my Mac computer?

Drag and drop the VMS application to your desktop and open the software from there.

How do I retrieve my forgotten password for my Transcendent DVR/NVR?

Click on Retrieve Password, if you set up a security question type in the answer; if not click on Dynamic Password. Take a photo of what appears on the screen and have an authorized dealer email it to us at One of our technicians will reply with the password to reset it to default (123456).

How do I view my Transcendent camera system remotely on a computer?

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. Enable NAT in the network settings of your recorder and then get the QR Code serial number from the Information screen. Go to and input the QR Codes serial number and login information. This should be done through Internet Explorer running as an Administrator.
  2. For static IP addresses from your ISP: Port forward the HTTP & Server port. Go to and “Port Forwarding Tester” to check if the ports are opened. Open up IE as an administrator and type in the external IP address and log in.
  3. For Dynamic IP addresses from your ISP: We’ll use as an example

Open IE and navigate to and create an account. After account is created go to the DDNS settings in your recorder, in the DDNS Type select “” In the Domain Name, type in desired name to use i.e. “” User name is the user name that you used to create the account at and Password is the password you created at

How do I run Internet explorer as an administrator on my Windows 10 system to view my camera system?

Click the Windows home button and search for Internet Explorer. Right click the shortcut that appears and choose Run as Administrator.

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